Regular expression in a calculated field

I would like to search a field based on a regular expression

for example, if I have a series of urls I would like to search for all the urls that have the word “cio” inside. but I don’t want to consider other words like “calcio” or “cacio”.

basically I would like to search for a word in a string based on a regular expression

I was expecting something like this but it doesn’t work

sumIf({page views}, {url}=“^(cio)?” )

the calculated field locate or contains fields I do not consider them because they would also take the compound words as reported before


Hi @andreab
Currently there is no support for regular expressions. I have added it as a feature request in our internal tracker.



@andreab - If your data source is relational system, you can use custom sql and put a regular expression on that level or at ETL layer you have to handle it out of QuickSight as work around solution for now.

Regards - San

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