Relative to max date - FEATURE ADDITION REQUEST

Hey Team,
Like we have the new feature rolled out of setting parameter value to a default relative date which has made things very easy for us.
But for many cases, the data isn’t updated to the latest date always . An option of relative to the max date in the data would have been really helpful.

If this is already possible in QS then please let me know otherwise, kindly consider!

Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out. @emilyzhu is the Product Manager for this area and I’m adding her to comment.


Hi @Ummehaani, thanks for reaching out. We are working on the enhancement of the feature to be enable min/max for filter and parameter rolling date. But it got de-prioritized this year, so we are targeting on sometime early next year.
Before we roll out that capability, if you are using filter, you can use top/bottom filter and set it as top 1 for the date colume. If you are using parameter, it is quite complicated, you will have to use Dynamic Default Parameter (DDP) as a workaround. Please refer to the following post: Creating max date available as default filter