Creating max date available as default filter

My Analysis has views at day level (Ex: top customers for the day, service level views for latest available date). Currently I am using Top 1 date basis max date available to default it to latest date available in the dataset. My Stakeholder is interested in selecting historic days available to select as a filter. My dataset would have maximum date of D-4 or D-5. So, I’m unable to select rolling date. Also, I would like to keep it dynamic basis max date available in data in case a data refresh fails. Any suggestions on how to tackle the situation would be helpful

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Hi @sushrith, can you elaborate why top1 filter for the date doesn’t solve your problem for selecting the max date from dataset? Thanks!

Hi @emilyzhu. I need it as a filter on my controls as well with default as max date. Selecting top date does the job for current date. But my customers would like to select previous days as well occasionally to get top 10 customers for a previous days. When I add this Top filter to sheet it doesn’t allow me to select one single day in controls rather gives me option to select top N days.

Ah yes, you are right. You basically need two things, 1. default filter value to the max of dataset, and 2. date picker control for reader to change the date.

We are developing a feature enhancement to the rolling date to enable user to setup min/max from dataset as rolling date filter or rolling date parameter. That will solve your problem directly.

Before the feature is enabled, there is a quite hard workaround, but you can try. 1) You need to maintain a separate table with one column of all your QS dashboard users, and another column dynamically query the max date from your dataset. 2) use that table to set the dynamic default value for a datatime parameter. 3) use the parameter in a datetime filter, and add a control.

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Are we able to specify the timezone for the rolling dates? I believe it’s currently in UTC, which means it will be 1 day ahead of PST at around 4 P.M PST

I want to set min(date) from dataset as start date of date control and max(date) as end date of date control.
How to achieve it in quicksight.