Remove blank row at the top after using swap rows and columns

When flipping my data using the “swap rows and columns” button, it leaves a blank row at the top. Is there a way to remove this? Using “remove header” option doesn’t work since it’s not a header and those are now in the left column.

I need the height on the rows to be larger than normal so it makes the blank on at the top large as well.

Hello @affrantz,
Is that blank row associated with a null value in your row field? If so, can you filter out the null for that visualization?

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@bergqdou I have nulls filtered out. I can also reproduce this with any of the datasets I have in a table visualization. Usually, they are small and it doesn’t bother me to keep them in but, in this case, having to expand the row height makes this blank space larger as well.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this. One thing to try, in the visual formatting options>Pivot Options>Hide Single Metric. If that does not work, can you share more screenshots of creating the visual and then swapping the rows/columns, maybe I am missing something.

hi @affrantz, the same issues I was facing when I want to plot a table chart.

Please find the below the picture.

Step - 1

Instead of putting it into the Table visual type please change it into Pivot chart and do some format.

Go to format visual option then on the pivot options click on the Hide Single Metric


Step -2

On the next step go to Header go to columns and then select Hide Column Field Name

After doing all the step I am getting the result as ,

Note - If you want to use the Table chart then do one thing add one text box and resize the text box with your visual and hide the blank space.

These are the some steps to get the desired result.

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Biswajit Dash


@bergqdou In order to reproduce, you can put any data into a ‘table’ visual (not pivot table). Using some example data here for some more screenshots:


They are frozen cells. For example, it is like if you are working in Excel and then from the ribbon View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Top Row. But in Quicksight they remain blank and scale with the other cells. I am not able to use a ‘pivot table’ visual - only the ‘table’ visual.

@Biswajit_1993 Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep that in mind for other visuals but, unfortunately, this one has to be a table visual because we need field styling to show URLs as images which does not seem to be available for pivot tables.

The text box seems like a nice workaround if I just had those small lines present like shown in your screenshot. However, in this case, since I needed to change the cell height, it increased the height of those cells as well. This makes a large portion on the top of the visual completely blank, forcing users to scroll down before they can see anything. We are also locked into a tiled dashboard instead of free form.

I will keep these in mind for future visuals but they do not work in this case, it seems.

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An example of the overlap:

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Hi @affrantz, I understood your query completely as you mention you are using the Tiled layout so it is bit difficult to add a text box and placement the text box with the width of the Table Chart. I think it is very simple things there should be an format kind of things available to remove the vertical line from the Table Chart.

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Biswajit Dash

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Hi @affrantz and @Biswajit_1993

I can mark these formatting requests as feature requests.

Thank you