Remove extra cost for Paginated Report

I really don’t like that there are two separate subscription costs for Paginated Reports compared to existing dashboards considering they are more or less the same system. I would really prefer some kind of unified cost for access rather than multiple billing items

I can mark this as a feature request.

Hi Jeff, with Paginated Reports there are a considerable number of additional features that are enabled, e.g. ability to schedule export of CSV, create multi-page PDF outputs, printer friendly output, dedicated header / footer sections, explicit page breaks, and more. Thank you for your suggestion of a unified cost, we will track that as a feature request.

I understand the additional features, just think they would be of benefit to all QuickSight users, so would prefer a single packaged cost

To add another angle to this for @Rahul_Easwar and others - the cost seems punchy, despite the extra features. I presume there is some logic there (beyond pure commercialism), that PDF generation at scale can drag in a lot of processing etc, but the price surprised us including compared to other BI platforms we’ve used before.
On top of that, the higher fixed costs to even try it (compared to the lower cost to get going on other QS features) was a big surprise. As an SME, it’s put us off giving it a go, which seems like a shame for us and AWS. It would seem sensible to have a lower volume, more accessible tier below the base one there currently. I’m thinking $50-100 a month, not $500 minimum.


I strongly agree with JRKs view that the cost of paginated reports is simply too high for SMEs. It’s a real shame that smaller organizations are being priced out of the market and missing out on the benefits of these advanced reporting features. The high cost can be a significant barrier for SMEs, and I hope that AWS will consider offering a more accessible tier at a lower price point. It would be great to see more affordable options become available, so that businesses of all sizes can benefit from the functionality of paginated reports.