Remove NULL and "empty string" from filter control values?

I have a dropdown filter control for selecting a country. The first two options are NULL and Empty string. I only want Select All and individual countries to be visible options. How to do this?


you can exclude the required value using the “Does not contain” to filter it out any unwanted information.


I don’t want to exclude the null/empty values. I just don’t want the user to be able to select them in the control.


Null values show in filters if contains in data and user can select it.

Naveed Ali

Could you help me better understand what you’re looking to do? Why do you want the values in the visual, but not in the control?

I found that if I create my filter as a parameter, NULL doesn’t show in the control. You can see that my table has one row with null for Business Unit and the other row has a value.

However, my control only contains the non-null values:

I have the opposite issue. In my case I want to see NULL in my control. Is it not shown because it doesn’t make sense to pass NULL as a parameter value?

@David_Wong Yes we do not support Null as a valid value in parameters. However, this feature is going to launch in 2022 where we will starts showing null as a valid.

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Hi @mahak_garg , is this feature launched?

Hello @Jiaye_Liu !

This is still not available. AWS does not share their roadmaps on upcoming features and updates to Quicksight. My recommendation is using the What’s New/Blog feature of the Quicksight community to stay up to date on new Quicksight features and updates!