Removing Duplicates from a dataset


Do you have any suggestion to remove duplicates from a dataset?

Use case: I want to remove duplicates from a dataset and join this dataset with another dataset in the quicksight console.

I am checking if we can create a derived column in this dataset which will help me identify the first row of every combination → filtering just this first row → creating a dataset. Not successful yet though. Any solution to this would be super helpful.



it’s good if you remove duplicate before update data in SPICE.
QS provide an option to join multiple datasets.

True. In our case, as a temporary fix, we want to remove within quicksight.

Can you provide some additional information on your scenario here? Are you trying to do this within a table visualization? We don’t have a “remove duplicates” feature in the Analysis experience, but depending on the scenario here some folks might be able to come up with an interesting solution leveraging filters to achieve it, but I think for us to evaluate that we would need to see some data and how you expect to visualize it.