Removing "Filter Panel" in dashboards - while keeping ad hoc filtering on

The “ad-hoc filtering” option enables the user of a dashboard to interact with plots in an intuitive way (e.g. clicking on the legend to focus on a serie, ecc), which is a functionality that we would love to provide to our users.

The downside is that when enabled, it also enables the right filter panel, which shows up automatically whenever a focus action is done. This is a problem for us because:

  • The filtering panel is confusing for the user beacuse it provides another way of filtering the data different to the one we provide with custom controls.
  • The filtering panel enable the user to see custom filtering which were set by default on the dataset and that we don’t want do disclose
  • The filtering panel is very hard to navigate for a non developer user

Is there a wat to keep the awesome interactivity of the “ad hoc filtering option”, while disabling the filter panel (or at least avoding the default behaviour of the panel showing up)?

Thanks for your support

Hello @andreaschiappacasse , welcome to the Quicksight community!

To my knowledge, once you enable ad hoc filtering there is now way in the UI to remove the right hand panel from appearing.

I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team!