Rename dashboard

Is it possible to rename a dashboard?

From what I can see, you need to go back to the analysis, share it again as a dashboard and choose to replace the existing dashboard and select rename. It would be great if you could just rename the dashboard directly like you can with an analysis by clicking into the title when you open it up.

Am I missing something or is this the only way to rename a dashboard?

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This is the only way you are thinking :slight_smile:

Naveed Ali

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Hi @bernard-davis, you are correct that is the only way to rename a dashboard. I will flag this post as a feature request.


Is there a way to rename dashboard using CLI commands?

Hi @Peter
Is there a way that we can rename via api?
aws quicksight update-dashboard --aws-account-id xxxxxxxx --dashboard-id 207e611b-f3ef-4e3c-88a3-8d5a55cf1315 --name dashboardABC --source-entity file://C:\Users\username\Documents\source-entity.json
Getting the success message. But the renaming doesnot work

@geethika You would need to run the update-dashboard-published-version command post the update-dashboard command.

doc update-dashboard-published-version — AWS CLI 2.13.36 Command Reference