Rename variables in the charts?

Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to rename the variables in the chart?

For example, I am currently creating a combo chart that includes bars and a line. The line is a calculated field (which is very long name), and does not represent the correct name of what I want it to present in the legend of the chart. So, I was wondering if there is a way to rename the name of this calculated field of this line in the chart without changing the calculated field name?

@irinaaaaa, you have couple of options 1/update the calculated field name/label in the analysis to reflect more business friendly name 2/hide the legends and use tooltip (change tooltip to detailed tooltip and update the label from pencil icon/properties section) to reflect more business user friendly name when users hover over the bar and line combo chart.

Also I have tagged this as a feature request to allow editing the legend name/label on combo charts

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Thanks a lot for your help @DeepakS. But I’m afraid these two solutions are not what I’m looking for. I hope to keep the calculated field name as it is since I have a lot of calculated fields and hope to make it easier and more organized for my own reference now and in the future. And want to change the variable name directly in the chart, not in the tooltip, as that is not very user-friendly.

Thanks for requesting this feature. I look forward to having it available in the near future.