Render JSON as human readable pretty print

I need to include a field with a JSON string in human readable pretty printed format.
I have so far been able to display the JSON as a string but since there are no line breaks it is very hard to read.

Instead of seeing something like:

  "key1": "value",
  "key2": "value2",
  "key3": ["item1", "item2"]

I only get something like this:

{<br>"key1": "value", <br>  "key2": "value2", <br>  "key3": ["item1", "item2"] <br>}

I found this Rendering long strings, greater than 2,047 characters post on the Quicksight forum but that only focuses on rendering long strings, not formatting of the string.

Have you looked into this?

Thank you @Max . It worked! I would never have tried to use an actual newline instead of the code versions. :pray: