Replacing multiple datasets with a single dataset in an analysis

When I want to replace a dataset used for already existing visuals; I am struggling with figuring out how to do that in an analysis that has multiple datasets. Context, I have an analysis that uses three different datasets (A, B, & C), all of which can be replaced by my new dataset (D). If I go to the window “Datasets in this analysis” then I can replace any one dataset, for example I can replace A with D, so the window now shows my datasets as D, B, & C. Visuals that previously used dataset A, now use dataset D. The problem is that now that dataset D is in the analysis, I am unable to use it to replace datasets B, & C. I tried removing datasets B, & C. The visuals that previously used those datasets show “Cannot access data for this visual, Dataset not available, Select a different dataset” Which I thought would work. When I Select my new dataset, D, it brings up the fields list to the left, while still showing “Cannot access data” on the visual. Then when I re-select the visual it takes me right back to the “choose dataset…” window. Has anybody else experienced this issue and been able to find a resolution, or is it a bug?

Image is of the screen I keep getting routed back to where it does not actually allow me to replace the dataset used by the visual.

As far as I know replacing multiple dataset with the same dataset cannot be done. I hit this situation multiple times and also had tried using the api to generate a new analysis and putting the same dataset for the different placeholders - only to get an error about duplicate datasets in use.

I always end up recreating the visuals operating on one of the datasets and delete the old ones… If this involves a lot of effort in your case, the only alternative might be to create a whole new dataset that is identical to the one you want to replace with (you could even create this dataset using the old dataset as source). Then, in your analysis, replace the dataset you want to switch out with this new dataset (ie: the analysis still uses 2 datasets but the datasets have the same data :smiley: )

I agree this might be too much of a hack and the cleanest approach would be if QuickSight allowed this :slight_smile: