Report not showing all rows

When I export the report for Active Headcount to Excel, it is not showing all of the rows. For example, if HC shows as 30k in the Dashboard, when I export to Excel, it only show 20k of them. How do you change it to show the full report?

Please check the size of the exported file and confirm it is less than 500 MB or more. For table charts, Amazon QuickSight supports exporting up to 1 million rows or 500 MB of data, whichever limit is reached first.


I am running into the same issue and have confirmed that at the 40,000 rows that export I am only at 3.8mb. Any other input?

@aopstad, please confirm what type of visual you are downloading data from and in which format (csv/excel).

A Table Chart is the visual I am using and I am exporting to excel. Thanks!

I solved mine by exporting as a CSV file instead of Excel Workbook, and that did the trick!!

That worked for me as well, thanks so much!