Request: Scorecard type Visual to display single metric

I had been using KPI visuals as a type of scorecard to show the value of a single metric. I ended up running into an issue where the KPI would show “No Data” when there was certainly data to show and contacted AWS Support. After the support agent spoke with QS Software Engineering I was informed the KPI visual does not work with filtering as it is meant to show 2 metrics vs eachother. I’ve used it in the past as a scorecard without issue, but this particular use case, it breaks and is quite frustrating.

Each record in my data I have a dealerId, orderId, and videoId. I have 2 calculated fields: Utilization & Dealer Count.

I was using the KPI to show the Dealer Count. Then using a filter on the Utilization metric I was filtering the data to show only data for accounts with certain utilization ranges. When I did this my KPI would show “No Data” but the table below would show each dealerId and the associated distinct count of orderId & videoIds. Which mean there was data to show. According to Support this is not how the KPI was designed to be used. I was given a workaround to use the donut chart, turn off all the titles and make the chart itself white to hide the donut and I was left with the center count. This worked, but the chart now renders the number ridiculously small compared to the rest of my report and looks very out of place.

Example of my data

dealerId orderId videoId
123456 321654 987456
123457 321653 null
123458 321652 987454

Metrics used

Utilization Metric Dealer Count Metric
distinctCount(videoId) / distinctCount(orderId) distinctCount(dealerId)

Before Filtering

After Filtering

Since the KPI filter cannot work as I had expected a new visual that can show a single metric value and be filtered would be nice to have. I’m open to other ideas too if I have been informed incorrectly, however, through the 2 screen shares we walked through I feel they understood my goal appropriately and when I was shown the Donut Chart workaround, his data was set up exactly as I had my data.

I don’t know if this will help but have you experimented with PRE_FILTER’s / other aggregations?

All in all though, I will mark this as a feature request.