Resizing visuals in Tiled layout

I have a need to use a single analysis to publish different dashboards based on the region filter.
In this analysis the KPIs are displayed in a tabular format by country or department information.
The expectation is when some regions have more countries than others the visuals need to re-size themselves based on the filter selected.
Currently when I used the Tiled layout the visuals size do not do that. Is there a way to achieve what I want without having to create Individual analysis specific to the region?

Do you mean you have a region filter in your analysis and want to change the underlying visuals based on the selection done on the region filter? You can set rules with free-form layout to show or hide visuals based on parameter values. Check out the blog explaining how to use free-form layout and powerful features that can be used along with that layout mode.

Thank you for the quick reply!!
I have already hit the limit of 30 visuals per sheet , so that is not possible and I cannot do one sheet each for each region as the audience is different for each one.
For example for region EU when I present data in the tabular format it would be
whereas if my region is US I have only one row but the spacing remains the same with one row of data in it. Instead if the table visual could re-size itself based on the content inside it would be more helpful.
Currently the only way I can think of is to create separate analysis for each region, but this is not sustainable, as any change will need to be replicated in each analysis. I have mentioned only 2 above but in similar vein there are multiple regions that need same report.

Got it. Thanks for further clarifying your problem. While we do not have resizing tables in the roadmap for this year, I will pass on this request to the team to be added in the backlog.