Resource of type 'AWS::QuickSight::Dashboard' with identifier '123' was not found

I am trying to deploy the template created by the asset bundle export feature.

The template has a single AWS::QuickSight::Dashboard resource.

Getting the following error:

Resource of type ‘AWS::QuickSight::Dashboard’ with identifier ‘123’ was not found.

But this makes no sense since this is the dashboard I am deploying.

That’s the ID of the dashboard being deployed in the CloudFormation template.

Hello @m0ltar !

Can you share an example of the template json? That might help me understand the problem better.

Also, are you deploying this in your AWS account across a dev > prod environment?

Hey @m0ltar !

Were you still running into this issue?

Not anymore, and don’t remember how I solved it, unfortunately :frowning:

@m0ltar No problem, thank you for getting back so quickly!