Resource of type 'AWS::QuickSight::DataSource' with identifier 'MyId' did not stabilize

Hi, I often get the error above when deploying via CloudFormation. This is extremely annoying, because the deployment fails, but then also rollback fails!

Resource handler returned message: "Resource of type 'AWS::QuickSight::DataSource' with identifier '...' did not stabilize." (RequestToken: 9ea0dbca-3fa2-951e-05db-c61d3f3c01fd, HandlerErrorCode: NotStabilized)

Then later:

Resource of type 'AWS::QuickSight::DataSource' with identifier '...' has a conflict. Reason: DataSource arn:aws:quicksight:us-east-1:123:datasource/... cannot be updated while its status is UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS; please try again (Service: QuickSight, Status Code: 409, Request ID: null, Extended Request ID: null).

Hi - I wanted to follow-up on this. If possible, please send an email to with more information (e.g. timestamp and region).

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Follow up email sent.

We resolved this issue offline and have deployed the fix

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