Restrict AUTHOR datasource creation for specific sources

Is there a way to restrict AUTHORS from creating specific data sources?

I know that custom permissions can prevent an author from creating any kind of data source - but what if I want to grant those users the ability to upload their static files (JSON, CSV etc) but prevent them from linking to any underlying database (Athena, Postgres or any other).

Is there a way to customize which data sources a user can manipulate?

Hello @nickvieira, welcome to the QuickSight community! Unfortunately, it seems like the only permissions you could alter would be giving or excluding access to alter existing datasources. There is not a function to give or remove access to creating datasources depending on the database type. I’ll link some documentation that would guide you through options regarding access rights to created datasource connections.

Hello @nickvieira, did my response help resolve the issue you were facing in QuickSight?