Retaining the selected values while switching from one dashboard **Sales dashboard** to other dashboard**Profit dashboard**

We are Embedded dashboards (GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser) where we have two different Dashboards one is Sales dashboard another one is Profit dashboard When ever opened the Sales dashboard i will select something and moving to other dashboard Profit dashboard i will select something when i come back to Sales dashboard we are loosing the previous selection

Note: We are using two different datasets and development is done two different analyses we are taking to deploy the dashboards two different dashboard ID’s and we are lossing the all the options for (GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser) we are unable to do bookmarks.
Please advise.

Hello @bpradeepkumar thanks for posting to the Amazon QuickSight community.

As you mention at the moment bookmarking is not supported in embedding scenarios, I will add you to the product feature request for this functionality.

As an alternative what you can do is control this from your embedding application, in order to do that the simplest thing is to do the following:

  1. Use the getActiveParameterValues helper function available in the QS JS SDK
  2. Then persist this values in a cookie or session variable
  3. Use these to set the parameters as needed when the user switches to another dashboard (e.g the Profit dashboard)
  4. Encapsulate step 1-3 in a JS function so they are repeated on every dashboard change.

Hope it helps, I marking this question as solved, feel free to add a reply with more details if that is not the case.

Happy dashboarding!

Couldn’t you just open them in different tabs?

Hello @bpradeepkumar and @Darryn , just posting here again as yesterday, we launched a new version of our SDK (2.0) that provides a better solution.

In this case as you can see in this blogpost the new SDK allows you to have state persistence, I am pasting here the relevant part of the blog-post that covers this:

In addition to the new SDK, QuickSight now supports state persistence for dashboard and console embedding. State Persistence means when readers slice and dice embedded dashboards with filters, QuickSight will persist filter selection until they return to the dashboard. Readers can pick up where they left off and don’t have to re-select filters.

State persistence is currently supported only for the user-based (not anonymous) dashboard and console embedding experience.

You have more information about how to use it in the aforementioned blogpost.

Having each dashboards in different tabs (in your embedding web application) can work but in this case you need to change the design of your application.

Marking this as the solution as it contains updated information.

Thank you! Kind regards.