Retaining the selected values while switching from one dashboard (Sales) to other dashboard(Profit)

we are Embedding Quick Sight dashboards where as we have separated both dashboards, when ever opened the sales dashboard and moving to other dashboard (Profit) when i come back what ever the selection that i selected in Profit dashboard should remain the same. But at present i see that when i moving from one dashboard to other dashboard loosing the previous selection.
Please advise.

This is not native.

You can look into “Bookmarks”

Or you can look into passing parameter’s through the urls.

When we are in same dashboard Bookmarks working but we have two different dashboards and embedding into our local app. in that when we moving from one dashboard to other dashboard not able to see what ever i selected in previous dashboard.

I would suggest looking into passing parameters through urls with custom logic in your application.

This is not native to quicksight.