Reuse Redshift RLS while accessing Redshift via Quicksight

Want to use Redshift RLS in quicksight


Below is a workshop on implementing RLS : Workshop Studio

You can create

  1. table Redshift and map the QuickSight users to what they are allowed to see ( eg : user_rls ) .
  2. create a new dataset in QuickSight connecting to this table ( user_rls ) .
  3. Apply RLS on the required datasets as described in the workshop.


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Thanks @Koushik_Muthanna
But RLS is already applied on Redshift table, is it also working in Quicksight.
Like in the dataset I will only get rows based on Redshift RLS

Could you explain what is not working at this point ? . Can you add a few screenshots to describe the issue ?

RLS applied in Redshift will apply to the user who has created the data set (specifically it is using the credentials supplied in the Data Source you created in QuickSight). QuickSight does not currently pass through the reader’s credentials to Redshift to apply RLS for each Reader. Today you need ton configure RLS in QS as well to apply it to Readers. You can connect to the same underlying Redshift table where you are managing the RLS rules and then apply it to your other data sets though. This would be a 1-time setup per data set and then you never need to touch it again.