Revoking access to an analysis

I would like to unshare few of the IRRELEVANT analyses that I have shared to a user group,
followed the below steps, still people are able to see the analsyes which creating confusion, is there something I am missing, please let me know.

I followed the below steps-

I went to those analyses and clicked on share, manage access permissions, deleted the user group , but still people are able to see even after after deletion.

Basically I just want to see, below highlighted in cross, ones to be removed, from the End Users Dashboard/Analysis

Please let me know the correct approach.


Hi @dsahu
You did it for dashboard and analysis?
Are you sure the end user is seeing the exact same asset or maybe a copy?

Hey @ErikG

I figured out what had been the issue. The analysis and dashboards which have been migrated rom DEV to this current account (
PROD), they don’t provide an option to delete(trash icon) under manage analysis permissions.

Only those analysis and dashboards which have been created manually in prod provide the allowance to delete the users or group.

So, in that case, I had to create another group for the end-users which will only contain the relevant dashboards/analysis that I want them to see and validate.

Also, had a question in my mind. If I want to delete a group created ,I laso see, API as the opnly option to delete the group created.

  aws quicksight delete-group 
--group-name GROUPNAME 
--aws-account-id AWSACCOUNTID 
--namespace default

Can we create the process, so include this feature in quicksight console for streamlining the things. I believe, it has been raised by several customers, so just wanted to know, if there has been any development of ways to include the feature in quicksight.

Thank you,

Appreciate your help in this.


Hi @dsahu
sorry i dont get it. what do you mean by


Hello @dsahu, I marked your response as the solution since you found a work-around to accomplish this task. I will also tag this topic as a feature request to improve the user/group management process within the QuickSight console directly. Thank you for your feedback, I will archive this topic for our support team.