Risk Matrix Visual

Guys, good morning,

Any chance of creating a Risk Matrix in QuickSight?

Just an example:

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You could achieve something like your example overlaying either 2 visuals (a heatmap and a scatter plot) or the scatter plot with a fixed image behind it

Please review the blog below for more details and ideas on how to approach this…


Hi @RobHendriks thank you for your answer and you are right. But now, I would like to mix something like that. It seems like a Cross table data and background based on Risk matrix. Any suggestion?

Hi guys, let me show you what I have made here… I created a new dataset using a flat table, as you are able to see in the following image:

and then I created a heatmap based on it and set up three colors there…

The result is really good.

Now, I am trying to add numbers at each intersection.

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