RLS by pass the limit of 256 per tags


I’m trying to generate a quicksight dashboard via the GenerateEmbedUrlForAnonymousUser API but i’m actually hurting the limit of 256 characters per tag. Do you have the way to by pass this limitation ? An id that refer to another dataset instead of passing directly my values ?


Hi @cabecou -

The tagging limitations are at the upstream service (STS) level, and is limited to 50 tags, 128 for keys, and 256 for values. Passing session tags in AWS STS - AWS Identity and Access Management.

Not sure on your specific use case, but perhaps you could split the value into multiple tags?


Please test by splitting the values into multiple tags ( limit is 50 tags ) , a screenshot below :

You can calculate the length based on the values and delimiters required to make sure they are within 256 characters per tag.

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