RLS how can the developer see all the data

Hello, how can a developer(s) see all the data when rls is implemented using UserName?

The way that I’ve done it is by adding GroupName to the dataset rules and adding all users who need to see all data to that group.

Thanks David. So if I add a UserName and GroupName on my dataset and populate the username with Quicksight users and then populate the group name with 1 common group, then will that work? The desired outcome is users that are logged into QS dashboard should only see their data. Whereas some of us (developers) should see all the data, may be controlled by a group. Thanks

Just to clarify, the dataset that I’m referring to is the one that you select to attach to the dataset that you are analyzing (under user-based rules).

Your rules will need to look something like this:
RLS Dataset Rules

John will see all rows where UserId is 123. Users in the “developers” group will see rows that contain any value of UserId since UserId is null in your rules.


Thank you. That worked!