RLS, IAM users permission level

Hello All:
A AWS and QS newbie here.
I have 20 stores and want to use RLS so each store sees a dashboard made only from that store’s data. RLS seems to be made for this.

Am I correct that my first step is to create IAM users for each store? My next question is what level of access do I set up for each user . I only want them interacting with their own dashboard. In setting up a IAM user for each store do check both boxes for Access Key as well as Password? And on the next screen , what level of permission do I assign?
Any guidance at all is will be VERY appreciated,

You should be able to create Quicksight users for them. You should have a table which is accessible to Quicksight with the UserName and the StoreID in it - this can be a csv that you upload with two columns - “UserID” “StoreID”.

You can then enable RLS and use the “Users” table to map the UserId to the StoreID.

The data returned will then be restricted to the user’s store(s) as long as they have a matching username in this data source.