Rollling Avg Calculation

I would like to create a rolling average calculation to use in a line chart. The functions runningAverage and windowAverage do not fit my use case.

I want to create a calculation that averages {field} for rows with {OM Date} <= {date} and {OM Date} >= {date}-30days.

In my dataset, not all days appear in {OM Date}, which is why runningAverage and windowAverage do not fit my use case.

The solution here is becoming difficult for a larger dataset and increasingly difficult to add other filters.

When adding an additional filter, following this solution, I would need another cross join. Instead of adding another cross join, I tried to pass a multiselect parameter to a calculation, but there are some bugs with this new feature.

I want to revisit this because expanding the use case of this solution is difficult.

Hey @ccowen! Thanks for posting your question. If you don’t hear back from one of our community members or Experts over the weekend, I will make sure one our Solution Architects replies to this on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Hi @ccowen I understand @Karthik_Tharmarajan worked with you on this in the past. He will reach out to you to discuss further. Thanks for using the QuickSight community!

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