Row level security with null and empty strings

I am not able to understand deep concept in applying the row level security for column containing null values and empty strings

Can anyone help me in understanding how to deal with “” and null values as mentioned in above document?

Hi @nitishpala - The NULL values means the corresponding user will show all data. You can do a quick POC for the same.

Hi @David_Wong - Any thoughts on this.

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Thanks @Sanjeeb2022 . Can you help me with understanding above table mentioned in Using row-level security (RLS) with user-based rules to restrict access to a dataset - Amazon QuickSight

Hi @nitishpala - If you see the 3rd entry where it mentioned User or group has no entry, this is clearly user will see the all rows.

For 4th and 5th ones, if user, group and rule is empty it skipped all rows. By saying that you can do a poc around this.

Hi @David_Wong @Naveed - Any expert advise on this…

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@Sanjeeb2022 I think @nitishpala done it.

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Thank you @Naveed . The video is really good one :slight_smile:

Hi @nitishpala - Can you please mark Naveed’s suggestion as solution so that it can help community members down the line.

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