Row Level Security

Hi, I’m trying to achieve row level security with employee data, I followed below article and flattened my hierarchical data and joined it with my dataset. I created a permissions file (csv) using the mentioned code snippet and applied it to my dataset. But now the data is restricted to everyone even the employees who are supposed to access it. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

What field are you using for the name and can you provide an example of a value?

For instance if you are using UserARN does it match this format?


Also, can you confirm that they are the correct values (UserNames are correct).

You can use this to get a list of your users

You can list groups here

Hi Max,

I’m using username and here is the sample RLS dataset I’m using


Are these the exact column names?

The username column needs to be UserName

Hi @Nitya_Goriparthi!
Were you able to get RLS working on your dataset? If not, could you provide more details?


Hi Kellie,Max, I was able to make RLS work. I just had to make the username field in lower case, it was in upper case previously.

Thats great. I’ll mark this as solved. Thanks.

Hey team, I am below error when i try to upload my csv.

Dataset rules contain column(s) with unsupported data types:
[ Dept_id ]
. Error code: DatasetRulesInvalidColType

and below my csv for permissions dataset.


Can anyone tell me what’s the error here ?

Hi @Karan_Shah,

You have to change the Dept_id field in your permissions dataset to a text field.

Thank you. Worked - i had to change the dept_id to string when i upload the permissions data.