Rules for hiding visuals

Is there a technical reason why rules for hiding visuals are available only in free-form layout and not in tiled or classic layout?

I use the classic layout in all my dashboards because free-form and tiled weren’t available until later. The classic layout works fine for my use case because I don’t have any need to overlap visuals but to leverage the capability to hide visuals based on rules, I now have to convert all my dashboards to free-form.

Hi David, there is no technical reason for not enabling hiding visuals in tiled and classic. However, we identified the primary use case for hiding visuals was to display another visual behind it (taking its place) thus enabling for Free form layout where overlapping visuals is possible.

In the event a visual is hidden in Classic or Tiled Layout, what would you expect to happen? 1) space remains vacant where there was a visual previously? OR 2) visuals re-arrange to take up available space?

The reason why I’m hiding visuals is actually not because they overlap with other visuals. It’s because in order to show relevant values based on a filter which is not in a control, I have to put the filter on the sheet. In my use case users don’t need to see the filter on the sheet, so I need to hide it.

Regarding your question, I think it would make sense to re-arrange the visuals to take up the available space.

Thanks David, appreciate the clarification the explanation of your use case. I will take this back as a Feature request.

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Any update on this one? I’m looking for this feature as well.
I’d like to have, let’s say, three parameters and each would filter a graph. If any of them are NULL, I’d like the graphs to be hidden and the next graph to take its place, so no empty spaces are displayed while using the resulting dashboard.

Any update on this one? I’m looking for this feature as well.

I need this feature as well. I created all my dashboards using free form, and I have all my filters hidden using the parameter. However, free form dashboards don’t auto resize when embedding so I am considering switching to classic but still want the ability to hide the filters. It will be a workaround from what I currently have, but I would expect when the filters are hidden, the remaining visuals get re-arranged. I also have some dashboards that are using hidden sheets on top of each other, but if the hidden sheet doesn’t take any place when hidden and then shows up when clicking on the parameter and the other hides but the view remains the same for the user, then this would be ideal