Rules for hiding visuals

Is there a technical reason why rules for hiding visuals are available only in free-form layout and not in tiled or classic layout?

I use the classic layout in all my dashboards because free-form and tiled weren’t available until later. The classic layout works fine for my use case because I don’t have any need to overlap visuals but to leverage the capability to hide visuals based on rules, I now have to convert all my dashboards to free-form.

Hi David, there is no technical reason for not enabling hiding visuals in tiled and classic. However, we identified the primary use case for hiding visuals was to display another visual behind it (taking its place) thus enabling for Free form layout where overlapping visuals is possible.

In the event a visual is hidden in Classic or Tiled Layout, what would you expect to happen? 1) space remains vacant where there was a visual previously? OR 2) visuals re-arrange to take up available space?