Running Percent Total in Pivot Table

Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help me out with getting the running % total on my QuickSight dashboard to work. I saw this thread about the same issue: Running percent of total in pivot table - #3 by charum

I tried the method of using runningSum() / sumOver(), but the final percentages at the bottom isn’t going to 100%. How can I fix this?

The equation that I am using is: runningSum(count({sort_center}), [{arrival_hour} ASC]) / sumOver(COUNT({sort_center}), [{arrival_date}])

I think you need to partition by both the arrival_date on your running sum and the size_categories.

runningSum(count({sort_center}), [{arrival_hour} ASC],[truncDate(‘DD’,{arrival_date}),{size_category}]) / sumOver(count({sort_center}), [truncDate(‘DD’,{arrival_date}),{size_category}])

Let me know if that works!

Hey Max, thanks for the reply!

I tried doing this, but now I am getting some blank cells in the columns. Any ideas how to fix this?

That becomes an issue of there not being any data to count. In order to fix that I would look to either add data via sql, or look to use lag functions.