RunningSum or cumulative total per day having previous users as well

Here I am trying to get daily new users, I have a dataset which collectes interactions of the app everyday and assign an app user with a unique client_id. So, I can get how many users were using the app per day by using distinct_count and get cumulative or running sum for the week, but I want to know how to get metrics on only new users but not users which occurred previous day/week/month on the given time frame.

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HI @Sravan_Yerupilli -

You can do something like this.

Step 1. Get the date your user first appeared using a LAC-W function


Step 2. Create a calculated field where if the activity date equals the first appeared then include the user_id


Step 3. Create a running_sum of the disinct count of c_new_user

runningsum(distinct_count({c_new_user}),[dt ASC])


it worked. Thanks so much!

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