Same Scale on both sides

Hello everyone, Does anyone know how I could use the same scale in a column/line graph? this is crucial to have an accurate co



Sure, you can manually set the scale — here is the instructions - Range and scale on visual types in QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

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Hi @drpeter , thank you for your quick reply. The best way would be if the scales were synchronized. Is it possible? I cannot set the scale manually because the data will change. Thank you

Hi Woliveiras,

In the Data series section, choose the Show on right axis icon for the value that you want to place on a separate axis. Use the search bar to quickly find a value if you need to.


The icon updates to indicate that the value is being shown on the right axis. The chart updates with two axes.

The Format visual pane updates with the following options:

  • To synchronize the Y-axes for both lines back into a single axis, choose Single Y-axis at the top of the Format visual pane.
  • To format the axis at the left of the chart, choose Left Y-axis.
  • To format the axis at the right of the chart, choose Right Y-axis.

Please let me know if this does not work for you.


Awesome. Thank you @drpeter

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