Sankey diagram overlap

I’ve tried to make a sankey diagram but they data is overlapping instead of spreading across the entire axis.
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.58.58 pm
Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 1.59.48 pm
Maybe my dataset is too big for the intended application and quick sight is freaking out a bit? Each axis of the sankey diagram has 624 rows

Hello @TheOfficialYakultMas, what are you trying to represent with the Diagram? It looks like you might need to switch up the field wells you are placing your data in or there might be an issue with your source and destination columns.

Mapping Prod/PreProd to OU to account.
My data looks something like this

source destination weight
Preprod Marketing 1
Marketing marketing-test-1 1
…many lines

Following this guide Using Sankey diagrams - Amazon QuickSight

Hello @TheOfficialYakultMas, I think the problem could be a mix of 2 things. Your weight field containing 1s making it harder for the visual to determine importance which is always why the lines are so thin, and also the number of rows. I believe you will have more success if you try to limit the diagram to a specific set of sources and destinations for it to be more readable for the user.

Thanks Dylan, is there a guide for the max number of rows a sankey diagram can handle?

Hello @TheOfficialYakultMas, the one particular thing I am seeing in the documentation is this note QuickSight supports up to 100 Source/Destination nodes

I am imagining that while that is possible, nearing that 100 Source/Destination node limit will start to devalue the use of the diagram. The option they are showing has 3 Source nodes and 5 destinations, so maybe limiting the diagram that way would improve the functionality!