Sáňky diagram

Good day, I have 3 dimension fields and 1 value field which I want to use in a sanky diagram, How can make my 3 dimensions to link to one another, Which calculated field formula can I use please?

@masinga Sankey diagrams are used to show flows from one category to another, or paths from one stage to the next and require dataset to be created to enable this flow/link between dimensions. Please refer Using Sankey diagrams - Amazon QuickSight for additional details.

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Good day
I want it to be a multi-level sanky diagram, I need a calculated code that can enable me to make a multi - level sanky diagram, I have 3 dimensions and quicksight only allows 2 dimensions

@masinga To create multilevel Sankey diagrams in Amazon QuickSight, your dataset should still contain a measure and two dimensions (one for source and one for destination), but in this case your data values differ.

The following table is a simple example of data for a multilevel Sankey diagram with two stages. If your data is not already in this format, then first prepare your data into this format