Scale Display Settings

In an embedded dashboard scenario, I don’t want my dashboard widgets to scale/shrink down when my browser shrinks. I’m looking for these settings according to the documentation but I can’t find the settings it is referencing.

Changing display settings - Amazon QuickSight

I do not see options for Scaling Mode, Auto Fit, or Optimized anywhere.

I’ve asked the team to update the documentation article to reflect the latest changes in QuickSight.

To do it, open an analysis, click the settings in the left rail and select what you see in the screenshot below

Yes I had experimented with those options before. However, the text in there says “with options to fit to screen or view actual size”. So are you saying that functionality has been removed and I can’t set those options?


I have applied free-form setting and selected ‘Fit to window’ option in ‘View’. Using this method, dashboard looks great on laptop/desktop but it is losing its responsiveness on a mobile device.

Can you please suggest any solution or workaround for this issue?

When free form layout is seen on mobile we don’t change the layout in order to not break the dashboard as you can overlap visuals and so we can’t change the layout. What are you looking for in the mobile layout?

This is still a problem with the dashboard visualizations scaling on us, only in the embedded scenario. If I look at the same dashboard in a browser in the QS console and resize the browser to a smaller width, the visualizations do not scale.

I’d love to receive more help for this as so far there doesn’t seem to be a solution.

On the mobile device, dashboard loses its responsiveness, Any solution on this will be really helpful.

Thanks for the additional details. We will take these into account as we consider this feature request