Schedule name overwriting the file name in email

Hi team,

I have set up some personalised email reports as per this blog post - Send personalized email reports with Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog

However, I’m having some issues with the naming converntion of the file when it is arriving in the email. For some reason, the file name is being overwritten with the name or the text provided in the “Email Header Text” portion of the schedule - and not the expected report name, as per the tab in the dashboard.

For reference - I have set up parameters of Client Name and Report start date which control the data displayed, to be the name of the tab in the dashboard. This means that when a user ‘downloads PDF’ from the dashboard, it will give a nice naming convention to the file.

E.g. Params:
ClientName: AWS QS Community
ReportStartDate: 2023-05-04

Tab Name: {$ClientName} report starting {$ReportStartDate}

Download file reads like below:
‘AWS QS Community report starting 2023-05-04’

Has anyone esle seen this before and having the same issue?


Hmm have you made sure that the report name is different than the email subject.

Is that what you’re talking about?


So the email subject line would be your custom message but the report title would be something different right?

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