Schedule PDF in dashboard with row level security

How to send dashboard PDF to customers with row level security intact ?
For example, abc-users see only abc data of report and I want to send only abc data PDF to abc-users, but getting row level security error.

Is it possible to filter Content in new schedule with specific parameters ?

Hello @yashpandya !

Have you tried the solution provided in this post?:

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Hello @duncan I tried it but still getting row level security blockage

Error Message in email: Because row level security filtered out all the data on the abc visual, the following consumers saw an empty visual

Sorry for late reply!

Hello @yashpandya !

Could you try targeting a different sheet that has similar RLS settings on it to test where the error might be coming from?

It’s also possible that the user’s permissions that you wanted to send that sheet to are wrong or have a problem which is why it is returning that issue.

Hey @yashpandya ! Were you able to get this issued sorted out or do you need more help?

Hi @duncan I tried it but could not resolve the issue. Can you give some more example, please ?
Sorry I was out for summit and could not respond on time. I will respond asap now

I really appreciate the help. Thanks!

Hello @yashpandya !

Does the user group have full permissions to view the dashboard that you are sending them as a PDF? As in, do they consume the dashboard/report in any other way than via a PDF and they have full access with working RLS?

Yes, User group has permission to view dashboard as VIEWER access. They have access to dashboard and RLS working fine and only shows data for particular user group.

For example:
We are trying to send PDF to “abc-users” but and I am scheduling the report as ADMIN access. Since I have ADMIN access, I can see all the users data in dashboard. But once its scheduled for “abc-users”, Its says Error Message in email for them.

The OK scenario, We can send them the link of dashboard, since its not having any data, it works fine.
But for Best scenario, Where we can send PDF to them its not working, due to RLS

Hey @yashpandya!

Can you try scheduling it as viewer access rather than admin access?

Viewer access do not have option to schedule for reporting

Hi @yashpandya , were you able to find a resolution to the send PDF issue that you were experiencing?

Hello @yashpandya , regarding PDF report scheduling please note the following:

  1. Readers cannot schedule PDF delivery this should be scheduled by Authors, this is an expected behavior.
  2. When you as an Author schedule a PDF report for a reader the RLS will apply to the report that is sent
  3. If the reader tries to access the dashboard using the QuickSight console they will see filtered data according to the rules (the same as they should see when receiving the PDF report)

Based on this, my suggestion to debug the issue is to follow this procedure:

  1. Create a test user (or use an existing one) and add it to the same group as the user that is having issues
  2. Access the dashboard and check that you are able to see the data as expected with RLS
  3. Configure a PDF report to be delivered to the test user email and validate the result

If after following these steps you are still not able to identify the issue I would recommend filing a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details so that we can help you further.

Here you can find the steps to open a support case. If your company has someone who manages your AWS account, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team or whomever manages your AWS account. They should be able to open an AWS Support case on your behalf.

Hope this helps!