Schedule refresh every 30 minutes on Quicksight

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I’m trying to schedule a refresh from a dataset every 30 minutes, but quicksight only let me do it Hourly, i’m trying to schedule 2 refreshs with 30 minutes interval between then, but it did not work. How can I refresh a dataset less than hourly?


Complete refresh only available min 1 hours in standard edition.
In enterprise edition, you can use the incremental refresh feature.

By using this incremental refresh you can schedule till 15 minutes.

Naveed Ali

At the moment you can only create one hourly refresh per dataset. So unfortunately you cannot set up one at x:00 and one at x:30.

As Naveed said, you can use the incremental refresh, with this you can refresh every 15 Minutes.
Most of my usecases require a full refresh, because the old data can change and I need to see this change.

Your other options are, that you refresh it manually or that you create a step function, that triggers every 30 minutes and uses the function CreateIngestion to refresh the dataset.

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Is there an article, or case, that show how to create this trigger? In my Quicksight don’t show the incremental refresh option :frowning:


if you cannot see the incremental option, it means you dont have the enterprise edition. With Standard, you can only refresh manually eight times per 24 hours. So you could only refresh every 30 minutes for 4 hours a day. The solution with a step function would not work, as it creates manual refreshes.