Scheduled Email Reports - Storing the Filter or Parameter setup when running

Am I missing something here, but Scheduled Email Reports seem very limited by the fact that they don’t store the Filters or the Parameters in use when the report is scheduled.

Nearly every single Dashboard we use requires setting up some filters to narrow down to important details.

The Storys functionality you had back in the original version of QuickSight would have been perfect for this but it is of course now long gone.

Also I second the other thread pointing out that API configuration of the Reports is needed. I’d add that exposing Report Scheduling functionality in Embedded Dashboards is a must too.

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Hi Michael,

Have you taken a look at this article about sending custom reports for embedding: Send custom branded email reports from Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog. We are working on more reporting improvements this year as well.

Hello Lillie, thanks for the reply. The article doesn’t address any of my issues with Embedding dashboards it explicitly states you cannot do what I want to do:

If you are embedding dashboards in your application, then your readers cannot subscribe to the schedule from the embedded dashboard.

None of my users directly access QuickSight through its console, they are all using Embedded dashboards, for staff they are hosted embedded in Salesforce or for customers inside an authorised website.

Even if they could subscribe it would be a moot point since they would want to filter down their Dashboard to specific customers in our account hierarchy. Which isn’t supported either.

It’s frustrating because if this worked the way I would like we would simply dump our bespoke solutions to these problems and use QuickSight.

Michael, yes as of today readers accessing embedded QuickSight dashboard cannot register subscribe to an email schedule. Authors have to do it on their behalf.

Question-> when you say “filter down their Dashboard to specific customers in our account hierarchy. Which isn’t supported either”

Is this multi-tenancy or row level security? where each reader sees what they are entitled to see?

If not, then sorry for the misunderstanding. And please me through understanding this.

Hi Kareem, Row level security doesn’t work, here’s why:

Let’s say we have 10 account managers. They each manage 20 key accounts. They all have a Dashboard that can show how well each individual account is performing (and these are big businesses so there’s a lot of detail there). They select which account they want to see using a DropDown control at the top of the Dashboard.

At the moment we cannot subscribe them to an email report because it will only send them the default account that the Dashboard loads with.

You could argue why not combine things together into one view with all the Accounts in them. However this doesn’t work as the account managers want to share this info with their key accounts so the email report then contains competitive information about the other accounts they can’t share. Also with 20 accounts you start to lose the detail you need when you combine it together.

This is why you need to allow filters or parameter settings to be stored along with the email subscription.

Finally it’s very confusing for QuickSight console users right now, they go into their Dashboard, tweak their filter settings to see what they want, hit the Subscribe button and there’s nothing there to warn them they’ve just subscribed to something completely different from what they are viewing…

Hi Michael,

Based on this thread you have brought up lot of great feature requests and if I were to summarize 1) Reader set schedules, 2) honoring filters and actions performed by Readers when creating the schedule, and 3) allowing for filters to be set when Scheduling.

Let me know if I missed anything, but the items above are already on our Product Roadmap and we are working through the prioritization of these features.



Hi @Rahul_Easwar I have exactly the same issue and it’s blocking me and my clients from using QuickSight. Do you know when these features should be available?

Hi, unfortunately I do not have timelines that I can share at the moment. However, I would suggest that you work with your AWS point of contact who can keep you updated on the progress of these feature requests.

Hi @Rahul_Easwar,

I have just read through this and would like to see if there is an update. I too have the same frustrations of fileters or parameters not being retained when setting up a schedule - for the very similar reasons mentioned in this post.

Having to set users up with their own preferences (via RLS) introduces a lot of dashboard owner / developer overhead for some user customisation on a report. If have have 10 dashboards and 20 users, acress a few datasets, you can see how this is problematic to manage.


Is there any update on this?