Scheduled Snapshot not sending email

I have set up a couple of schedules for snapshots (email reports) of some sheets from the same dashboard to send to users. Both my own user and the other user is subscribed for a daily output with pdf attachment.

My account receives both every day as scheduled. The other account only receives one of them. I have tried deleting the failed one and rescheduling it with the same settings as the one which is successful, but no luck.

The other user has permissions to the Dashboard and there are no issues when logging in and viewing it. These 2 scheduled outputs are the only ones which are sent to this user.

I looked at the other posts which have been archived and all they say is to open a support ticket which I have done, but no response.

Hello @bstrech !

Have you received a response from the AWS support team yet?

My initial thought here is that maybe there is RLS on something in the second sheet that is stopping it from sending. Are there any RLS permissions in a dataset used by that sheet that the user could be affected by?

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No response from AWS.
No RLS on any data and the dataset is the same dataset as the other sheet.

Hello @bstrech !

I will flag to the AWS team that your support ticket went unanswered!

@bstrech and @duncan Sent you a direct message to follow up on this. Thanks for reaching out.