Scheduling: Suppress emails from dashboards with no data (exception reporting)

Looks like quicksight doesn’t have any functionality to suppress blank dashboards from being emailed. Please add this feature; we do not want stakeholders to receive emails where there is no data in the dashboard. Sending such emails reduces the impact of exception dashboards to the point that stakeholders start treating these as spam. This is a simple check-box feature in tableau.


+1 it would be great to suppress blank reports / dashboards from sending to audience members (same functionality as Tableau) to minimize ‘noise’ / confusion.

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Thanks for this request. I will communicate it to the appropriate team

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Hi, please also add me a people wanting this feature.

thanks, David.

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Hi, is this feature going to be available soon?

I’m considering building a SES->Lambda->SES stream to prevent dashboard emails with empty views but don’t want to go this route if QuickSight will have this implemented soon.