Search option doesn't work on parameter control if the control has enabled show relevant values only, but works fine when it's not. I want to have both the option, show relevant values because my list is very large and ability to search as well

Hi All,

Whenever my parameter controls have show relevant values enabled, it doesn’t show the options in drop down because of too many options. However, searching a values also doesn’t work in this case. But, when I disable the relevant values option, search option in parameter control works fine. Due to large options available in my parameter control, I need both relevant values option and search function to work. Can someone please suggest why this is happening and how to fix it. Thanks in advance.

Hello @jhmayank and welcome to the Quicksight community!

Can you try the filtering solution that was mentioned in this similar post? Quicksight currently can’t load more than 1,000 options.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Duncan,

I have gone through the solution suggested by you. But my problem is not regarding that. Let me share an example. I have a brand control filter which is dependent on PL, GL and subcat control filters. So i have relevant values turned on on Brand control. Now the problem is since it has more than 1000 options, search should atleast work. But I have observed that if relevant values are turned on, sometimes Search option is not working but when I remove relevant values option, search works just fine. I am not expecting at all that all options comes in drop down but at least search should work. Have you ever encountered such situation.

Hi @jhmayank

Can you share a screenshot? I just tested with controls with relevant values and search works on my side. Perhaps try recreating the controls?

Hi @jhmayank

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