Searching and object within Quicksight repository

Hi @Max,

Is there an easy way to search over all QuickSight repository (Dataset, Analysis, Dashboards) using a key word or specific text?
For example, I want to search and find all objects where the key word ‘customer’ appears.


hi @amico - You can search the analysis, dashboard by the search option in left upper panel… see the below screenshot.


Regards - San

Thanks you @Sanjeeb2022

I will fine tune my question - Let’s say that my dataset called portfolio and within my dataset there is a field called customer.
I want to search by key work customer and the results will include portfolio dataset.



Hi @amico : Thanks for the details. This is not possible from UI, however you can write your own custom program and find the details using boto3 QuickSight API. Please find the documentation of AWS QuickSight API ( Link - QuickSight - Boto3 1.26.99 documentation)

Please have a look on the api’s. There is an api called describe_dataset ( Link - describe_data_set - Boto3 1.26.99 documentation) and using this you can programmatically extracted the information.

This development require some basic level of python and easily automate the process to get the details. Hope this will help you.

Regards - San

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