Section 508 Compliance

Hello Quicksight, I have a dashboard that failed quite a few 508 tests. This mainly has to do with navigation with a keyboard. Does anyone know if these issues can be resolved/changed in anyway?

When I search for the term “508 compliance” I only found this other topic. QuickSight section 508 compliance

It looks like the development team is working on a solution. I’m not in a position to answer the question of “when?”.

Hi @collinvill

As charles mentioned - we are indeed releasing some features to support keyboard navigation and help you in building 508 compliant applications. This should be released in the Q4 Timeframe but like all development items it might change.

Please feel free to DM me your company name/account info and i’ll put you in touch with your account team that can provide more information.

Ramon Lopez

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Hi Ramon,
Screen reader appears to be working with the exception of sheet names. Reads the name of the first sheet but then reads the subsequent ones as sheet 2 of 6 for example. Thoughts?

I’ve reached out offline for us to discuss this further. Thanks!

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