See Possible Values for a Field in Dataset Data Prep?

When in the Data Prep screen and looking at the dataset preview for my table, is there a way to view what the possible / distinct values are in a single column? Or do you have to visualize the data in order to see those distinct values?


Hi @sjh_bb - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. If the field is not calculated field, you can see the data in the data prep page, some of the calculated field (LAC) one you can not see in data prep, you need to create sample table visuals for the same.

By saying this, lets hear from experts @shravya @David_Wong

Regards - Sanjeeb


Yeah @Sanjeeb2022 - You are correct. I agree with you!

Hi @sjh_bb - @Sanjeeb2022 is correct about seeing the values of calculated fields and your other fields in the data preview. I think what you are saying is you get a sample of the rows there but you just want to see all the distinct values of a given column. There currently isnt a way to do that in the data prep screen - you are right that you would need to add the column to a visual in the analysis to issue a query to see all the unique values.