Seeking Workarounds for Displaying Percentages on Bar Charts with Existing Column Filters in QuickSight

Hello QuickSight Community,

I am seeking advice on an issue I’ve encountered with displaying percentages on bar charts in QuickSight. Specifically, I need to show the percentage each segment contributes to the total, displayed on the bars themselves. This is within a dashboard that already employs filters for segmenting data into individual columns.

So far, we have:

  • Utilized calculated fields to create segments, which are then filtered to produce the desired columns in the visualization.
  • Attempted to display percentages on the bar chart directly, but found limitations with QuickSight’s native functionality.

Given the filters and segmentation already in place, the typical methods for displaying data labels with percentages do not seem to work. Has anyone faced a similar challenge and found a way to circumvent this limitation? Alternatively, are there any planned updates to QuickSight that might introduce this capability?

I appreciate any guidance or insights the community can offer.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Hi @Nikhil_Madhavan ,

Just to clarify; on a stacked bar chart that is showing some categorical values, you’d like to see the percentage that each category contributes, instead of the raw value? Similar to a pie chart, but on the bars?

So in the image below, you’d want to see the same numeric labels that are on the pie chart, but on each bar?


Yes, something very similar.

Hello @Nikhil_Madhavan, if you utilize the “Vertical stacked 100% bar chart” visual, then add the field you want to see the visual grouped by to set the percentages, you should be able to achieve the solution you are looking for. I’ll upload an image below for reference where the x-axis is linked to the Industry, y-axis is sales, and then it is grouped by Region to show the percent of sales by industry per region. I hope this helps!