Select Action that updates parameter

Hi everyone,

My team would like to dynamically show certain visuals when a row in a particular table/visual is selected. We have found that there is no ability to update parameters via a Select Action, which is the only input to a rule for conditional rendering. We think this could be possible if we could update a parameter from a Select Action, or if there was an input to conditional rendering rules based on a selected row.

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Unless I am missing something. You can update a parameter from a select action.

This is an action that gets activated when I click on a row in a table. It selects the customer_name field from the selected row in the table and set the CusotomerName parameter. In this case I am staying on the current sheet because I want to manipulate the other visuals.


Thanks for the reply!

We have tried something similar. This didn’t work for us since the behavior is slightly different than just updating a parameter without a navigation action.

The navigation action causes the selected row to not appear as selected, and that means there is not a good interface for unselecting that row as well as potentially confusing the user.

Agree. The way I worked around the solution was to:

  • create a control for the parameter – so that users could see it
  • add a reset command – and use the subtitle to tell users to click it if needed
  • change visual’s the titles to include the parameter

It wasn’t perfect – because you can’t highlight the row – but people seem to be able to use it.

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Hi, @Patrick. Did @Andy_Brand’s solution work for you? I am marking his reply as, “Solution,” but let us know if this is not resolved. Thanks for posting your questions on the QuickSight Community Q&A Forum!

@Andy_Brand how do you create a reset command ?

To create a reset command

  1. Create a Navigation action in Right Click.
  2. Name the command Reset
  3. Set all of the parameters back to empty, all or their default values