Selected Brands vs. Others: A Filtered Bar Chart Comparison

While creating a bar chart and applying a filter on the ‘brands’ dimension, is it possible to display only the selected brands, along with an ‘Others’ bar that includes the combined values of non-selected brands? Your response is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you didn’t understand my question.

Hello @Viji, what you are asking for is likely going to be a feature request. If multi-value parameters were allowed in a calculated field, I could make a solution for this. Since they are not, I will tag this topic as a feature request for our support team so you could build a solution that would work how you are expected.

As for a work-around, there is at least a way to display the “Other” products in a KPI next to the bar chart so you could at least have that data available for reference. You could create a KPI that would show just the value you are displaying in your bar chart. Then you can filter the visual by the brands and set it to not equal the multi-value parameter you created. That would at least give you a way to show the value for the “Other” brands even though it won’t display it in the visual.

I’ll mark this work-around as a solution, and I will also tag this as a feature request. If you have any further questions, please let me know!


Hello @DylanM,

Thank you for tagging this as a feature request and providing an alternate solution for it.

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