Send Alerts Daily based on new date

I am trying to send alerts based on any new rows added to each day. For today if I have 3 rows, will send only those 3 rows, next day 5 rows so send only just 5 rows not both 3 and 5 .

Also how I can send full report not just display results , like page1, page 2 results in pdf in email .

Hi @raviquicksight,

As far as I know it is not possible to directly find out which new rows are included in a report comparted to the previous one. One thing that you could try, if you have the new rows based on dates, try setting up a filter for rows inserted based on the current date and run the scheduled report daily. Something like this.

For the second question, I would recomend looking at QuickSight Paginated Reports.

Hope this helps!

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@andres007 Thanks for your response , I have date column already but it has 17,18,19 included , can we send only when 20 will add on next day ?, or created a dashboard always filter data on new day only?

The filter I mentioned before will always return the data for the day when the dashboard is oppened, therefore if you schedule your extract once a day, after the new data has been inserted then you will get the rows only for that day.

sounds good, Thank you for your response.

@andres007 Can you suggest , when I send alert email, the dashboard as 2 pages report but in email it showing only screen shot , even the pdf missing other pages , can you suggest best approach to send an email attachement

The PDF that is sent in the scheduled report are single page documents, you can select which seet to send on this dropdown.


The email body contains as you mention the image of the sheet you selected and also a link to the dashboard for the user to access it.

If you need to create a multipage, highly formatted report, I would look at Paginated Reports.